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God: The Word, The Life, The Light

by Esther Griggs

John loved Jesus. However, as he walked with Him to His death and resurrection, he received further understanding through Divine revelation.  These insights elevated the love he had for the man Jesus into worship of the risen Lord. When we read the first few verses of The Gospel According to John, we read his revelation about the word, the life and the light.

The Light of the world is Jesus.

The Word

John starts at the beginning. As Genesis 1:1 declares, “In the beginning God created” John, penetrates the veil of our understanding by writing about the Word. He was in the beginning, but not only was He there with God, He was God. Everything that was made, was made through Him. Nothing was made without Him. These truths were further confirmed in John 17:5, when Jesus prayed, “O Father glorify Me .. with the glory which I had with You before the world was.” Paul in His letter to the Colossians also writes of Jesus as the creator. Further understanding comes in Revelation 19:13 where we read of the One whose robes were dipped in blood. His name is called “The Word of God.”

The Life

Beyond the Word, he speaks of the life, the life which was in Him. Was it not at creation that God breathed into the nostrils of man, the breath of life resulting in man becoming a living being? However, when man broke the trust, death punctuated life. Man was driven from the garden and blocked to the tree of life.

In 1 John 5:11 we read that God has given us eternal life. This life is in His son.

The Light

Finally, the life of Jesus gives light. The darkness fell on mankind when they gave up their authority to the evil one. Their minds became darkened to the truths of God. They became enslaved to fear and placed under judgement. Still, Jesus comes, His life, as a light thrust into the darkness. It is not reasonable. The darkness does not understand it. The Sprit reveals it. We take ahold through faith. Jesus tells us He is the light of the world. If we follow him, we will not walk in darkness. When we believe in Him, we won’t live in darkness.

When we read the first few verses of The Gospel According to John, we learn of his revelation about the Word, the life and the light. As God further reveals His Son to us, I pray that like John, there will be deepening of our love for Jesus into worship of the risen Lord.

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