The Way John Sees It

by esthergriggs

John has been preparing the way in the desert. Now in John chapter three we see his job is nearing its completion. Though John understands what is happening, his followers are concerned when they see Jesus taking His place. They are feeling threatened and fear for John as people begin to flock to this new spiritual leader. This is the way John sees it. With news of Jesus’ success, John is secure in his calling, understands the history of Jesus and knows the job Jesus must do.

Secure in His Calling

First we see that John is secure in his calling. Before John’s birth an angel approached his father Zacharias. This child would go in the power and spirit of Elijah to prepare a people ready to receive the Lord. John grew up knowing this call. The Spirit confirmed it. He reminds his followers of this role and used the illustration of a bridegroom. He was to announce His coming and at His arrival he would rejoice at the sound of His voice. Now with Jesus beginning His earthly mission, John would be stepping back. As Jesus increased, he would decrease.

The History of Jesus

Secondly he knew the history of Jesus. John grew up learning the prophecies about the Messiah. He knew Jesus was from above. We talk about where we are from. Those are the stories we know. Jesus is from heaven. He knows about heaven and so these are the topics He is confident to speak of. It places Him above all else. Just previously Jesus had relayed this same concept to Nicodemus.

The Job Jesus Must Do

Finally, John knew the job Jesus must do. Jesus came to speak the words of God. He was loved by God and God had given Him all things. He had given Him the Spirit who isn’t given by a cup or an ounce, but without measure. Further John tells them how believing in Jesus brings everlasting life. To not believe keeps them under the wrath of God. Here John is again confirming the truths that Jesus had shared with Nicodemus.

The things John had learned growing up about the Messiah, how his call would be to prepare the way, and the call of God to His Son Jesus, all came together and were confirmed to Him by the Holy Spirit. With the news of Jesus’ success, John is secure in his calling, understands the history of Jesus and knows the job Jesus must do

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