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About Esther Griggs

I am a woman being transformed by God.

Like being in a cocoon,

I am pushing through to flight!

My goal is to provide spiritual nourishment to any that would dine at my table. Through the written and spoken Word, I desire to provide a full menu of spiritual food; appetizers to create hunger, fruit and vegetables to provide life, meat and potatoes to give lasting sustenance. 

I pray that my experiences as a student, employee, wife, mother and grandmother will weave together in these latter years, words to refresh, restore and revive those God brings to my table.

I am a graduate of Spring Arbor College with a B.A. in Elementary Education, English and Music. These areas have been used extensively in working with children, developmentally challenged individuals and through my church involvements.

Journaling for years has prompted the desire to feed the spiritual needs of others through blogging and story telling.

My life is rich and rewarding, having three adult children, their loves, and seven grandchildren in partnership with my husband of four decades plus.

Entering into my retirement years finds me in New York state with one of my two son’s families on either side of the border and a daughter’s family in Alberta, Canada. Beyond this love for my family, God has placed a love for His word and a desire to share it through my writings.