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The Word Fulfilled

by Esther Griggs

The Word in the flesh came not as a flash in the pan but as fulfillment of the scripture. The words and actions of Jesus pointed to His Deity. As John tells the stories about Jesus, he is also relaying to His readers that the man Jesus surpassed all others. The disciples knew and believed because His zeal, and His testimony became the Word fulfilled.

His Zeal

When Jesus walked into the temple to celebrate the Passover as instructed by His Father, He was angry. This place, meant as a place of prayer, had become a place of merchandise. He was as a man obsessed, making a whip of chords and driving the sellers and their merchandise out, pouring out their profits and throwing their tables over. What had been provided for man’s relationship with God had degraded to greed and selfishness.

His Testimony

His actions caused a huge commotion. There had to be an accounting. “What gives you the right to barge in here and disrupt our business? Show us!” the Jews said. The Jews always wanted a sign. In this case they didn’t understand the action taken in front of them as fulfilled word. Therefore, Jesus said, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” Limited by their understanding, they saw only the building in which they stood. “How could something that took 46 years to build be raised in three days?” Jesus, however, was speaking of His body.

The Word Fulfilled

On this occasion the disciples remembered a scripture. “Zeal for Your house has eaten me up.” What Jesus was doing had been prophesied by the Psalm written by King David. Here in front of them this Jesus they were learning about was fulfilling the scripture. They did not however, understand about raising the temple until after His death. After His resurrection, they remembered He had said this. Further revelation came. The scripture and the words of Jesus lined up. The disciples knew and believed because His zeal, and His testimony became the Word fulfilled.

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