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Peter wrote to the pilgrims regarding their great heavenly inheritance and of their being kept by God’s power. There was much to rejoice in. However, in writing of this gracious salvation, he addressed the issue of having troubles. From his words, we learn further of salvation, about the trials which grieve us, and their ultimate purpose.


First we learn of salvation. Peter tells his readers that salvation from God causes them great rejoicing. Though they have never seen Jesus, they believe and it has brought them a joy that cannot be expressed. They rejoice with a joy that is full of glory and are receiving the result of their faith. It is a salvation received by faith and ultimately revealed at the end of time when Jesus is revealed.


Next we learn of trials. In all the wonders of salvation, there is something else. Peter wrote that If it was necessary, and only for a little while, grievous troubles would come. Jesus and the other disciples also talked of trials. Jesus talked about having joy amid persecution because of the great reward in heaven, Paul wrote that trials were temporary and working for us something which far exceeded any trouble on earth. James also says to count it all joy when encountering trials for he wrote that they work patience in the believer. Though grievous they have purpose.


What purpose could our troubles have other than to make life miserable? They do have purpose. Have you wondered about the reality of your faith? Before your peers, before your own soul, before God, is your faith genuine? Troubles, like refineries to gold, remove the impurities of our faith. Peter wrote that a person’s faith is far more valuable than gold. Gold will pass away, but our faith, tested by the troubles we face, prepare us for the day Jesus is revealed. When Jesus returns, our faith, tested and tried through the refinery of trouble, will bring praise, honour, and glory to God the Father. Even though we cannot see Him, we love Him, believe in Him and rejoice in the salvation of our souls.

From these words we learned further of salvation, about the trials which grieve us, and receiving the end of our faith, the salvation of our souls at the revealing of the Lord Jesus.

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