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Jesus Prayed

by Esther Griggs

When we reach John 17, we come to John’s record of the great intercessory prayer of Jesus. In it we hear the cry of His heart as He approached the ultimate purpose of His earthly visit. In the first five verses, we read of His prayer for glory, about eternal life and His desire for a glory together with the Father.

“Glorify Me together with Yourself”

His Glory

At first, it may seem selfish for Jesus to ask for glory. Yet the time had come. He would now be on display not only to the earthly kingdom but to the heavenly as well. This moment when the enemy of His Father thought he had the advantage, God already beyond time, had obtained the victory. Jesus prayed for the Father to glorify the Son. As Jesus the Son is glorified, even more so the Father would be glorified. God’s glory was Jesus’ goal. He desired to showcase the love, and power of God the Father.

About Eternal Life

He also speaks to His Father about eternal life. God the Father gave Jesus the authority over all humanity. His authority was to give eternal life to any the Father gave to him. Eternal life did not come from an earthly fountain or some magician’s wand. Life eternal was knowing God the Father and Jesus Christ whom He had sent.

Glory Together with the Father

“And now, O Father, glorify Me together with Yourself, with the glory which I had with You before the world was,” Jesus prayed. It had the sound of coming home. There is the ring of restoration and completion in the request. Over the next hours, perhaps it was this prayer, this hope of being united with His father, this vision, which held Him fast amidst the cruelty of those He came to save.

In the first five verses of John 17, we read of His prayer for glory, about eternal life and a glory together with His Father.

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