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The Trinity

by Esther Griggs

Jesus knew the cruel days lying in wait for Him. He also recognized how it would shatter His followers. He yearned for their safety during this time and realized He must give them truth to hang onto. Therefore, Jesus told His disciples, “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” God had instituted the plan. As it came to fruition, Jesus taught His disciples about the roles of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Helper who is the Holy Spirit.

“I will come again.”

God the Father

First, He taught them that the Father is the greatest. It is He to whom Jesus pays total allegiance. He answers the prayers of Jesus and in the name of Jesus, would send the Helper to them. The Father sent Jesus, and to the Father, Jesus would return. The Father set out the direction. He also instructed Jesus on the words to speak and the actions to take. As His Father did, so did He.

Jesus the Son

Next, as Jesus walked among men, He spoke to them, the words received from His Father. Some of the words spoke of the future. When the words came to pass, it would give His disciples an anchor for their faith. John mentions this fact twice in this passage, indicating its importance,

Also, within His words lived a promise. He would leave them a gift. A gift Isaiah refers to as perfect, and Paul in Philippians refers to as beyond understanding. Jesus told them He was leaving His peace. He was giving them a peace far beyond any earthly comprehension.

The words also instructed His followers. In telling them He was going away, He also told them it should give them reason to rejoice. Why? Because He was returning to His Father. Yes, this world’s ruler was coming after Him, but He couldn’t touch Jesus. Jesus loved His Father and therefore He obeyed Him. What He would go through in the coming days would illustrate this love to the world.

The Helper, The Holy Spirit

Then he taught them that though He was returning to the Father, He would indeed return. In the meantime, however, God would send the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus. He was the Helper, the Spirit of truth. He would not only dwell among them but also within them. He would teach His disciples all things, and also remind them of everything Jesus had said to them.

The days ahead would be difficult for the followers of Jesus. Nevertheless, they were necessary, as Jesus completed His work through His death and resurrection. He would not leave them as orphans. Knowing God’s plan, Jesus taught His disciples about the roles played by God the Father Jesus, the Son of God, and the Helper, who is the Holy Spirit.

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