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A Servant’s Song

by Esther Griggs

On angel’s wings,

Strong, swift and sure,

The blessed message came.

From heaven’s glorious courts,

To humble, Jewish maid.

Highly favoured one,

The Lord’s with you.

Blessed among women you are!

This strange and troubling greeting

Had come from oh so far.

You shall not fear,

Favoured of God.

Great plans for you has He,

You shall conceive and bear a Son;

JESUS. his name, shall be.

He will be great;

Son of the Most high,

A King in David’s line

Whose reign endures forever, eternal, beyond time.

This Maiden girl,

Aft, Gabriel’s words,

With humble heart declared:

“Here I am, Servant of God.

Fulfill in me Thy Word.”

This Christmas time,

As God’s Word’s heard

Through preacher, scripture , song.

May we like humble Mary say:

To You my life belongs.

And now Dear Lord

With grateful heart,

Rejoicing, ’til the end,

All Glory, praise, and honour!

Creator, Saviour, Friend!

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