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Christmas: The Joy

by Esther Griggs

You have seen or perhaps were the child on Christmas morning who received the gift of all dreams. Nothing could hold back the light in the eyes, the broad smile and the lift off the ground. Now imagine a world lost in hopelessness and despair beginning to wonder if the promised One will ever come. Then the supernatural breaks through. Great joy came with the stirring of an unborn child, the angel’s message and a star.

“Joy to all peoples”

The Stirring of an Unborn Child

First it came with the stirring of an unborn child. When Mary needed someone who could understand her condition, she visited Elizabeth. When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting the unborn child jumped within her. The Holy Spirit then came upon Elizabeth and spoke through her a blessing upon Mary, naming her the mother of her Lord! “My baby jumped for joy when he heard your voice.” she told her. It was great joy!

The Angel’s Message

The message of joy also came with the angel’s message. Ordinary shepherds, doing a centuries old work of caring for sheep feel the chill in the air and the heaviness in their eyelids. Another night in a long stream of nights, listening to the sounds of nature around them, drags on. Then it happens. The supernatural burst through the ordinary. A choir of angels startled the dozing labourers with an announcement. It was a message of great joy, for all people. “Today in the City of David a baby is born. He’s not just a baby. He is the Saviour. He is Christ the Lord! The message sent them on their own journey to find the Christ child. It was great joy!

With a Star

Finally the message of joy came through a star. Stargazers from the east travelled west. They had seen a star which communicated hope. Its message pulled them from their routines, their country. It led them on a journey to a small country pregnant with the salvation of the world. Despite the ploys of a wicked king, the star led them on to the Christ child and upon seeing it they received great joy. They saw the child and they worshipped. It was great joy.! Great joy came with the stirring of an unborn child, the angel’s message and a star.

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