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Conspiracy Has Different Faces

by Esther Griggs

The “Let’s Get Together” Face

Nehemiah’s enemies conspired against him. They tried different methods because conspiracy has different faces. The “Let’s get together” face happens when Nehemiah receives a letter. To the natural eye it seems friendly. “Let’s get together,” it reads. So Nehemiah responds. “I am too busy”. He knew they would be pulling him away from his important work. Apparently his enemies were not busy because they sent the same request four more times. Nehemiah, nevertheless responded the same way each time. For it was conspiracy and conspiracy has different faces.

The “Here is Some News” Face

The “Here is some news” face is when the enemy decides that since a meeting won’t work he will send a letter. In the letter Nehemiah received, he heard that all over the world it is being reported that they were planning a rebellion with Nehemiah as King. So, he suggests they meet together. Nehemiah however, refused and called him out as a bearer of tales. Then we learn that the enemy’s goal was to frighten them in order to weaken them. Nehemiah, though, had a power against their conspiracy. He called on God, a quick arrow prayer, “Oh God, strengthen my hands.”

The “Protective” Face

The “protective face” is when they send someone Nehemiah would trust and he offers him protection. However he has been hired to deceive Nehemiah. Under such a guise he suggests they meet in the temple where he can hide from his enemies. God, however, gave Nehemiah perception to see what was really happening. By hiding in the temple he would be committing sin. For their goal was to make Nehemiah so afraid that he would hide in the temple. Doing so would be committing a sin as only Priests were allowed in the temple. Then they would have an evil report to use against him. Nehemiah however prayed. Then he knew God was on his side. He also trusted God to deal with these and others that came against him.

The “Friendly” Face

The “friendly” face shows up when Tobiah, a man who because of intermarriage was friendly with the Jews joins the conspiracy. Tobiah was in a position to know Nehemiah’s affairs. Time and again he sent letters to intimidate him. Nevertheless, God was still in charge. For this was conspiracy and conspiracy has many faces.

IN SPITE OF the many faces, they built the wall from start to finish. We read:

“when all of our enemies heard of it, and all the nations around us saw these things, that they were very disheartened in their own eyes, for they perceived that

this work was done by our GOD.”

Because we are the temple of the Holy Spirit, the enemy of our souls conspires to take us down, to halt or stop the work that God is doing in us. Our enemy disguises himself as an angel of light. Being aware that conspiracy has different faces reminds us to stay alert. It causes us to call on God, to submit to His leadership, and to stay focused on the task He has set before us. God will see to completing the work. Best of all it will be known it was done by our God.

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