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How to Keep Standing in a Fight

by Esther Griggs

According to Paul, we face a formidable foe. Although he is a defeated foe, a battle still rages. Because of the work of Christ, we have the armour necessary to stand up in the evil day and at the end to be still standing.

The Armour Necessary to Stand

In this next passage, Paul identifies the pieces of armour to wage war against our enemy. We don’t take guns or bombs, nor do we take clever speeches and arguments. Paul in Corinthians says we don’t use fleshly armour. He also tells us the weapons supplied to us are mighty.

Stand UP in the Evil Day

We read that we need to redeem the time. Our days are evil. We can stand. We can buy back the time. It is necessary. We need to stand.

Be Still Standing

Paul tells the Ephesians. “Having done all to stand.” Here we have a victor’s stance. Christ Jesus has given us all that we need to be victors in this evil day. The provision of Christ has provided every piece of armour.. We only need to make sure we have it all on.

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