by Esther Griggs

Jesus saw the glazed over look in the eyes of His audience. Therefore, He tightened up His illustration, elaborating on specific aspects of the sheepfold. Jesus then told His listeners, “I am the door of the sheep”, “I am the good shepherd”, and “My Father knows Me.”

“I AM the good shepherd.”

“I am the door of the sheep”

This statement, “I am the door,” is similar to His saying, “I am the way.” It teaches that He is the entrance. Thereby, anyone entering by Him, is saved. They will enter in and out and find pasture; the place of nourishment and rest for the sheep. Paul alludes to this in Ephesians 2:18, where he writes, “For through Him we both have access by one Spirit to the Father”. Jesus purposed to open the door to God the Father. The door which had been slammed shut. It closed after mankind followed the thief . He who perpetually intends to steal, kill and destroy. However, the door which is our Lord Jesus, offers instead, life abundant, which extends into forever.

“I am the good shepherd”

Jesus declares, “I am the good shepherd.” Then He states, “the good shepherd gives His life for the sheep.”

Years before, Isaiah prophetically painted a picture; the shepherd feeding and gathering, carrying and gently leading His own. He knows those who are His, and they know Him. As Paul tells Timothy, “the Lord knows who are His.” There is knowledge, familiarity, and intimacy. In contrast, when the wolves come, the hired hands flee. They have no invested interest. Fear drives them away. Meanwhile, the sheep of His folds know His voice. It is the voice of He who lays down His life for His own. He will be the shepherd of His combined flocks. All will go through Him for provision, protection and peace.

“My father knows Me”

The Father orchestrated it all. He knows and is one with the Son. Jesus lived in obedience, willing to lay down His life, for the love of His Father. He received a choice. As a result, He offered His life. Laying it down, He took it up again, in obedience to the Father’s command. Jesus told His listeners, “I am the door of the sheep”, “I am the good shepherd”, and “My Father knows Me.”

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