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Ice Blocks

by Esther Griggs

From the book entitled Endurance, Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage, written by Alfred Lansing, I became enlightened as to the power of ice. The story is an incredible story of exploration. Though the book is not focused on the power of ice, I learned much about what it can do. With the proper conditions, ice builds, and as it does so, not only stops up the flow of water but destroys what lies in its path. In our spiritual lives, there are habits of behaviour, which like ice not only hinder the flow of the Spirit of God but also destroy people in its path; things like fear, anxiety and bitterness.

Fear, like ice, immobilizes. We may have experienced fears icy grip. It is often paired with discouragement. God knows our nature and throughout the scripture says “Do not fear!” He however, builds our faith by giving us evidence to the contrary. He promises that He is with us. He lets us know that He has plans for us, for He knows the future. He promises that He will never leave nor forsake us. Often times He revealed to the children of Israel the weakness of the enemy, and reminded them of His strength. Jesus tells us we don’t need to fear, because our value is of more than the sparrows. We don’t need to fear people, suffering or death. He is in control. He loves us and sees the whole picture.

“Be not anxious” is another command necessary to keep the flow of the Spirit. When we become anxious, it becomes dark and we cannot see. In this instance God gives us the way through. Through the apostle Paul, He tells us to pray, ask of God, let him know our requests. In addition, we are told to do so with thanksgiving. Thanksgiving like the warmth of the sun melts away our cares. Peter tells us that we can cast all our cares upon Him because He cares for us.

I can see my breath turn to crystal even as I speak the word, ” bitterness”. Much destruction lies in its wake. It is one of a longer list of things that we are to put away from ourselves. The Bible speaks of it as a root that can cause trouble and “mar or spoil” people. It is also considered a poison. We have seen what it does to relationships; couples, families and nations. However, here again, He doesn’t just give us a command, He teaches us to forgive, to not even leave an opening for bitterness in our hearts.

When the cold winter winds blow round about us, stay in the warmth of the love of Jesus, surrounded by the Comforter. Remember God is with us. He cares for us and answers our prayers. He gives us the power to do what we are powerless, in our own strength to do, such as forgive. Stop the ice blocks, remain a conduit for the flow of the water of life.

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