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Divine Appointments

by Esther Griggs

God is not bound in time as are we. He though is the creator of time and uses it for His purposes.

I am sure that as the year and a half since Nehemiah prayed this prayer he may have been tempted to wonder if God would answer, never mind if He heard or not. It must have seemed a long time.

Even in the unfolding of the prayer before his eyes, his fear as he stood before this foreign king, caused him to look heavenward.

What an answer he received. He not only found favour, God gave Nehemiah a powerful ally. The King asked him “How can I help you?” It must have taken much courage but he told the king what he needed.

The King not only released Nehemiah to rebuild the walls but sent letters that would provide safe passage. God did much better than Nehemiah could think to ask. The King sent officers and horsemen to ensure his safety.

God, “in the fullness of time” tells us that when the timing is right God acts. He is the God of divine appointments. In His time, He does all things well.

See Nehemiah 2:1-9 for this incredible story.

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