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The Power of Light

by Esther Griggs

Have you noticed the power of the sun after having been through winter? Think about the level of motivation you have on a dreary day and then compare it with the level you have on a bright sunny day. Consider the first plants of spring that push up through the cold ground to meet the sun’s strong rays. Crocuses and daffodils, bursting through, even as we remain huddled in our warm dwellings. Our sight improves. We see cobwebs and dust in places we did not only a few weeks ago. The people we meet seem to be friendlier as if the sunshine removed winter’s grumbling. All these things are due to the power of the light from the sun.

The sun is only a source of light. Imagine the power of Jesus who tells us that he is the light of the world. We have the light of life as we follow him.

We see things differently. We know there is One who loves us, who is always there for us, One who is praying for us and providing a shelter for our lives. There is One who knows our darkest grief and pain yet causes us to grow and bloom through those cold, hard circumstances by the power of his light. There is One who shines his light on the hidden places in our lives, perhaps something that we have tried to hide from God, hiding as Adam and Eve did in the garden. It will be something that keeps us from being fruitful and without joy. With his light, we are able to see and deal with those things by repentance and a fresh infilling of his Spirit. Our spirits are set free from worry and care so that we can be people of joy, thanksgiving, and praise.

Thank God for the bright sun of spring time. Thank God for his son Jesus who is the light of the world. Each day, the power of that light, that the darkness of death could not contain, is available for you and me. Whatever our darkness may be, his light overcomes it. Praise God.

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