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Journey to Health

by Esther Griggs

runnersYou may be one of the lucky ones that doesn’t have to think about your health or so you think. Those of us who have been blessed with good health tend to not realize the gift that it is until it begins to decline. To maintain good health is a journey into knowledge and experience, joy and sorrow. It requires laying a foundation of habits that will carry us through when the going gets rough. A Man much wiser than I told the story of 2 builders; one that built his house on the sand and another that built his house on the rock. You know which one stood when the storms came. It is the same with our health. We need to cherish the gift; maintaining it with good nutrition, lots of clean water and exercise. Here’s to you on your journey!

Thought for Today: A bad attitude, like a heavy load, impedes success.

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