Just One

by Esther Griggs

In Philippians 1:12-18, the apostle Paul is a prisoner. His concern for his readers causes him to encourage them. To do so, he defends his imprisonment.

Imprisonment has proven to be a good thing. The gospel is spreading because of it. Some have gained courage; fear no longer holds them back from speaking it out. Some speak it out from poor motivation. Some speak from pure motives. There are those who preach hoping to make his situation worse. Others do so out of love. In it all, Paul rejoices! One thing causes him to rejoice. No matter the motivator, Christ is being preached.

I have often found myself in undesirable circumstances. My natural tendency bemoans my situation, looks for a way out, or at very least, gripes and complains. Paul handles his situation in a way that challenges me. Could there be a reason I find myself in these circumstances? Can I trust that God is working? Can I use my situation to bring honour to the name of Jesus? If in my darkest hours the life of Jesus shines through, I like Paul can rejoice. Much more than finding something positive in a negative situation, I pray that over and above it all, the light of Jesus shines through.

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