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Naked and Afraid

by Esther Griggs

The fresh, pure fragrance of God’s creation permeated the air.  With the final establishment of mankind, rich with provision and purpose,  God declared it was very good!

For Adam and his wife Eve, there was only joy.  There were no barriers, only loving communication between one another and God.  There was pure innocence.

There was no knowledge of evil, no doubts about one another or God.  No fear, no anxieties, no tears, no miscommunication, no despair or dread, no mocking, no disrespect, no selfishness, no pollution, no hopelessness or grief.

The triune God reigned……………

Then that fateful moment came. Another voice, sinister, and seductive slithered in.  “Has God really said?”, “You will not die” , “you will be like God”. Desire grew, gave birth, and henceforth in every generation since death has left its jagged edges.

As lightning strikes through the sky;  their nakedness revealed, and they made coverings;  God’s coming was felt. They made themselves hiding places.  His voice heard. They became afraid.

Sin had created a stone cold wall between creature and creator. The curse and death were in motion.

God in his infinite wisdom, mercy and grace, even before delivering the harsh words, made a plan.  Deep in the heart of God lay the answer to man’s deepest needs, the vengeance on his greatest enemy, the blow to every curse, the way through that wall,… back home. He would start the motion of restoration by sending the tiny babe of Christmas.  He would be ” God with us”, “A Saviour who is Christ the Lord”, “the light of the world”, “the bread of life”, “the resurrection and the life” and much much more.

That tiny babe grew into the answer for all mankind, breaking the curse through the cross and the power of death from the tomb.

As the angel choirs sang on that first Christmas morning, we too can join the song

“Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace good will toward men!”

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