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Jesus Was Accused

by Esther Griggs

Jesus continued to teach in the synagogue and the Pharisees continued to resist Him. They based their lives on an earthly system built on laws and traditions, rather than building a relationship with God the Father. This resulted in missing Jesus as the Son of God. Because Jesus towered over them in His knowledge and understanding, they continually discredited Him. In this passage the Pharisees accused Jesus, Jesus responded to their accusations and yet He remained untouched.


The Pharisees clung to their understanding of the laws of Moses. This caused them to accuse Jesus of giving a false witness, or in more precise terms, they called Him a liar. In the law of Moses, God protected an individual accused of a sin and destined to be stoned. He did so by requiring two or three witnesses to the event. The Pharisees used this law to discredit Jesus. They said He was His own witness.

Jesus Responded

Despite the Pharisees accusing Him, Jesus did not coddle this group. He spoke truth without backing down. First, He answered their accusation by stating His knowledge of where He came from, and where He was going. He declared that His confidence in this alone gave adequate witness. Meanwhile, the rules holding them secure, blinded them, and kept them imprisoned in their sins.

Then He answered differently. Jesus declared, “I am not alone,” and “The Father is with Me.” Yes, the law states that the testimony of two is true. Jesus bears witness of Himself which is one, and the Father, the One who sent Him, is the other. Thereby the law of two witnesses is fulfilled.

Remains Untouched

Although Jesus spoke in such a manner to them, and stirred up their anger, He remained untouched. No one laid a hand on Him. John writes this phrase often, “for His hour had not yet come.” The Father held the life of Jesus in His hands. Jesus lived each day under His Father’s watchful eye and for His purpose. Although the Pharisees accused Jesus, Jesus responded to their accusations and yet He remained untouched.

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Joyce Smith April 5, 2022 - 4:06 pm

Jesus is so clever. He can turn the laws of the Pharisees to His advantage at anytime. I did not know that the testimony of two is true. Even though Jesus was headed for Calvary, the Father was always with Him.


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