Abram’s God

by Esther Griggs

There are serious topics in Genesis 15. It creates a sense of awe in me. I feel I am encroaching on holy ground. God accepted Abram’s faith and declared him righteous. Still, He called him deeper into relationship with Himself, the eternal God, the God of Covenants, lover of souls. This relationship with a Holy God requires faith and obedience, sacrifice, and covenant.

Faith and Obedience

Abram had faith and practiced obedience.. When God asked him to leave Ur and his family, he did. When God made promises, he believed His word. It was the starting place in their relationship. God spoke and Abram believed what He said despite what his eyes beheld and followed on.


“How will I know?’ Abram asked. Abram’s faith required a deeper work. It required sacrifice. Relationship with God requires sacrifice. The sacrifices offered by Abram pointed to the Cross of Jesus Christ, the ultimate sacrifice necessary for relationship with the living God. It was accompanied by terror and darkness.


God loved Abram and showed it by His covenants. He answered his question by giving him a prophecy. “Your descendants will be strangers in a land for four hundred years. I will bring them out but I will judge that nation and bless your descendants.” He had yet to finish with the Amorites.

God confirmed His acceptance of Abram’s sacrifice. Then He deepened the covenant with details about the exact location of the promised land.. “You will go to your fathers, at a good old age.” He promised.

Relationship with the Holy God requires faith and obedience, sacrifice, and covenants..

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