Abram returned home after his victorious battle, and his encounters with royalty. Knowing what fears haunted him, God communicated with him, through a vision. “I am your shield.” He said, “And Your exceedingly great reward.” Yet something disturbed his peace. Abram told God what he struggled with, and God solidified His promises to Abram, and his response, was accounted to him as righteousness..

Abram’s Struggle

In this instance, God spoke to Abram in a vision. But Abram struggled with God over the issue of lacking an heir. As it was, one of his servants would inherit his wealth. In Abram’s perception, God wasn’t keeping up His promises. Yes he had many blessings but what good were they without an heir?

God Solidifies His Promises

After listening, God solidified His promises to Abram. This servant will not be your heir. You will have a son, of your own body. Then, He gave him an object lesson. Taking him outside, God drew his attention to the night sky. In the wilderness, without competing lights, Abram looked to the sky. God said, “Count the stars if you can. That is how many descendants you will have.”

Accounted as Righteousness

In the next verse, it is recorded that Abram believed God. The result? God saw it as righteousness. God’s word provided the answers Abram sought. It became the substance of what Abram hoped for and the evidence of things he couldn’t see. Abram’s faith in God’s word, pleased God. When Abram, in his doubts and fears, told God what he struggled with, God solidified His promise to Abram and his faith was accounted as righteousness..

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