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From Noah to Abram

by Esther Griggs

There are only two chapters in Genesis between Noah’s story and Abram’s. Yet, in these two chapters, phenomenal changes occurred. After the flood, the earth continued to reel. Man multiplied and was established on the earth. Then, in his pride, he reached toward the heavens. God in it all, prepared the world for His plans and purposes. In preparation for his plan, God set up the nations, created a geographical division, and scattered man abroad on the earth.

Sets up the Nations

In Acts 17:26 Paul speaks to the men of Athens in the midst of the Areopagus. He draws attention to the unknown God of their worship and proclaims the Living God, the creator of all the earth. He tells them that God made from one blood, every nation on the earth. He further states that this God determined the the times and boundaries of where they would live. In addition He proclaims that God did it so they would seek for Him, grope in their desperation and find Him.

Geographical Division

Something significant happened to the earth during these two chapters. Peleg is born. it was not his birth, but rather his name which records the seismic event. A geographic cataclysm, occurred. The earth was divided. Still, the God of the universe remains in control and from Peleg comes Jesus who removed the division between God and His people.

Scatters Man Over the Earth

As man grew on the earth, so did his aspirations. They planned to build a city with a tower to reach into the heavens. The mother of Jesus said it well, “He has scattered the proud in the imaginations of their heart.” God prevented their plan by confusing their language. Language, became the great divider.

God, in preparation for his plan, set up the nations, divided the earth and scattered man abroad on the earth.

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