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First Child

by Esther Griggs

There came a time in my newly married life when my husband said he wanted to start a family. I wasn’t quite so sure. I was caring for children in a Day Care Centre, which fulfilled my need for children. It wasn’t long, however, and both of us decided we wanted to increase our family. Once that was settled, and a bit more, we became aware of changes to my body. With each new change, we knew our little one was on the way. What excitement filled our hearts! We began to make plans and took pictures. I looked for a pattern, then chose a colour, so I could crochet a sweater, bonnet, and booties. We began to pull together the things we would need to provide for our bundle of joy. As my abdomen swelled and I began to sense his movements, we were excited and anticipated our first child’s arrival. We were making ready a place for our child to come into our lives. God indeed, blessed us with a healthy son, the first of three wonderful children that blessed and continue to bless our lives.

This morning I read again Genesis 1. I thought of it in this context. God, who is three in one, decided to increase his family, his circle of love. In order to do that, he needed to prepare a place for them. He knew they would need light, and water, beauty and companionship, a place to call home, and a place to have a purpose. With excitement and anticipation, each day he called forth something that would prepare for the ultimate arrival of his greatest creation, mankind. Then with great joy, he proclaims “Let us make man in our own image” and so it was, the creation and continuance of God’s loving family.

Looking at it with this new perspective realigns how I perceive mankind’s place in this world. God desired mankind. He wanted us! He provided for us. He brought us forth with excitement and anticipation, to enjoy his provision and his companionship. He created us with purpose and for a purpose. He was delighted and called us good. He loves us and is blessed by us. Now isn’t that marvelous and amazing! I think so.

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