In Him

by Esther Griggs

God chose, adopted and accepted us. However these three words are but a sampling. Paul further relates to the Ephesians and also to us, more of what it means to be in Christ Jesus. First he tells us that Jesus redeems us. Then he tells us Jesus gives us an inheritance. Finally in Jesus, the presence of the Holy Spirit seals us. He guarantees it all.


Initially He redeems us. It begins as He extends to us a great and abounding grace. Because of this wondrous grace, He returns us to fruitful relationship with God. The life blood of God’s beloved Son Jesus paid the price. It enables the forgiveness of our sins. God at the beginning of time, had a plan and a purpose. Jesus is the fulfillment of His plan. Now through Him we can know the mystery of God’s will. The prophets didn’t understand what it meant. It remained hidden for centuries. Jesus reveals it. Therefore, because of Jesus we know that when the timing is right, Jesus will unify all things, both what is in heaven and that which is on the earth. It is the result, as He made peace through the blood of His cross.

An Inheritance

Furthermore, we have an inheritance, in Him. He planned it ahead of time according to God’s purpose and will. Peter also tells us we have an inheritance. Our inheritance is pure. It cannot be corrupted. As well, it won’t fade away. In addition, our inheritance is reserved in heaven for us. Those who are set apart in Him, will receive it. The Father qualifies us to receive it in Him. We are heirs with Christ.

Been Sealed

Finally we are sealed. A seal is significant as it marks us as His own. The Holy Spirit of promise seals us. This concept of the Holy Spirit as the guarantee of our inheritance runs throughout the New Testament. In some verses He is described as a deposit. In others the Holy Spirit is described as a guarantee. His presence in our lives fulfills the promises of His presence and of His imminent return for the praise of His glory. We are no longer slaves but rather sons. The Spirit within us cries “Abba Father”.

Our life in Christ places us today in relationship with Almighty God. Yet it also extends into our tomorrow’s, the day when all things will be put right. How do we know? We know because we have the Holy Spirit of promise. He speaks the truth into our being. The Spirit guarantees our inheritance in Christ Jesus. God through the Lord Jesus redeems us, gives us an inheritance and seals us in the Holy Spirit.

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