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Let Wisdom Show Up In Your Walk

by Esther Griggs

In Ephesians chapter 5 Paul talks to his readers about a walk of love, a walk of light and finally a walk of wisdom. We know that each of these is what Jesus is all about. As God, Jesus is love, He has also announced Himself as the Light of the world, and in the letter to the Colossians we read that in Jesus we discover all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. If the fulness of God dwell in us, these three things should show up in our lives. Let us consider how Paul illustrates wisdom being clear in our lives. Wisdom shows up in our use of time, how and what we communicate, and our attitude toward God and one another.

Shows Up in Your Use of Time

Redeem the time, Paul writes. The reason is that the days are evil. The wisdom writer tells us to give food to seven or eight because we don’t know what evil might be in a day. Buy back the time. Thus the time you put into good cannot be used for evil. There is enough evil in a day. For your part use time wisely. Go to marketplace, buy it back for God’s use. If you know God’s heart and His purpose, it will help you use the time to please Him.

Show Up in Your Communication

Don’t get drunk with wine, he tells them. The wine steals your ability to be in control. It leads to reckless living. There is, however, another way. Let the Spirit of God be in control. When you feel trapped, be like Paul and Silas who bound in chains sang praises to God. It released them. Communicate praise and joy to one another.

Show Up in Your Attitude

Above all, be thankful. Let wisdom show up in your attitude. Be thankful for all things to God who is the Father. Do it through the name of Jesus, the name which grants us access into the Father’s presence. It frees the heart rather than dragging it further down.

Let wisdom show up in your use of time, how and what you communicate, and your attitude toward God and one another. Walk in wisdom.

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