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Submitting to One Another

by Esther Griggs

In a culture of “my life, my way”, submitting to anyone or anything is a foreign concept. Our day is not so different from Paul’s day. The Spirit of Jesus confronts people with truth. To help establish them in the truth, He gives some to be teachers. Paul teaches practical things such as what relationships should look like in this new creation where Jesus is Lord. These concepts clash with the prince of the power of the air; He whose deceitful tactics show up as “my life, my way”. Paul teaches how relationships as a new creation differ. Jesus is Lord. There is a submitting to one another in marriage with husband and wife, in the family with parents and children, and in the workplace.

Jesus is Lord
Jesus is Lord.

In Marriage

Marriage is God’s idea and shows up in Genesis. “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” Marriage is to be a picture of Christ and His church. Jesus as the groom and the church as His bride. There is a submitting to one another in the fear of God. Love and respect are the order of the day. It flows as each individual lives under the Lordship of Jesus. It is an ideal in which God tests our hearts and motives as He completes all that concerns us in Him, through mercy and grace.

In the Family

When the marriage foundation is secure on the rock Christ Jesus, family life can offer a place of safety for children to learn and grow. When our children were little, my husband would say “do as you are told so that your days may be long.” It is actually biblical. The first commandment that came with a promise was “honour your father and mother that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.” When children rest secure in the family’s love, where there is no provoking them to anger, but a loving nourishment within their instruction, God brings His peace and His joy into the situation. It rests not only with children in the home but also as parents age, there is mutual respect and honour toward each other. God promises success and long life as the reward.

In the Workplace

Paul addresses servants and masters. There was no equality. It was oppressive. The closest I can relate to it, however, is in the workplace. As Christians, there is One Master over all. The Christian Master submits to Christ. He realizes his position of authority under submission. The Christian servant works to please Jesus as Lord. Not just to please the boss and look good, but obeying Christ at the heart level. The Christian servant works to please Him. God sees it all and rewards the good.

“My life, my way” no longer exists. Jesus is Lord. Darkness has gone, the Light has come. There is a submitting to one another in marriage as husband and wife, in the family with parents and children and in the workplace. Jesus is Lord.

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