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No Lone Rangers

by Esther Griggs

Tychicus is a name you may not have noticed before this week. To Paul, however, he was a major part of his life. When God called Saul out, He did not expect him to be a lone ranger. Instead, He taught him through the Holy spirit, the awesome concept of the body of Christ. As a result, we know a bit about Tychicus, his relationship with Paul and the gift he was to the church.

No lone rangers

A Bit about Tychicus

This fellow hails from Asia. He was among the five men who waited for Paul in Troas. With a heart for God, he followed the instruction of Christ to take the gospel to the whole world. As a man who does relationship well, he is held in high regard by Paul and his team. He is one who can be trusted, not only in little things but over the long haul.

Tychicus and Paul

Paul used certain phrases to describe who this man was. He was a “beloved brother’, a “faithful minister” and “fellow servant of the Lord.” Paul knew him. They worked together to make disciples for Christ. Through thick and thin, they toughed it out. He knew the risks. It never stopped him. As a companion to Paul, he had a relationship with Christ that showed itself in a willingness to serve. Paul has seen this man in action. In a time when new believers were harassed on every side, he kept at it. When Paul needed someone he could trust to do the job, this man was one he thought of.

A Gift to the Church

In a world without communications like we have, the church needed those who would travel to take the news and then bring information back. While some need to be near the leader in order to serve, Tychicus did not require the presence of Paul. He was willing to be sent away, to make the journey whatever the cost. The people at Colossae needed to know about Paul and the work that was being done for the Lord. His desire was to find out how they were doing and to strengthen them in their walk with Jesus the Christ. Then he could refresh Paul when he returned with news of their spiritual success. As such, he was a tremendous gift to the church.

What a blessing to God’s work are those He calls to assist His servants in ministry. People who are well loved, faithful and serve the Lord. Where would the work of Christ be without the humble and faithful lovers of God who day in and day out walk with Him, obeying the call. I praise the Lord for the people He has placed around me to pray for and encourage me in my calling. We are part of a body. In serving Christ, there are no lone rangers.

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