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Rahab (From Fear to Faith to Deliverance)

by Esther Griggs

In Moses’ day, God delivered his people from slavery in Egypt. It was only the start of a greater deliverance but a generation entrenched in fear, fell short. God chose Joshua and Caleb to lead the next generation on the journey. It called for great courage but God promised to defeat their enemies. When the armies of Israel moved, the earth trembled beneath them. As they approached Jericho, Joshua sent spies to survey the land. Here we learn of Rahab, a woman of bad reputation, who looked to the true God, and through whom God brought mankind’s great Deliverer.

A Woman of Poor Reputation

Rahab’s home was built into the walls of Jericho, a fortress city. She was a harlot, and the spies found shelter in her home. It however did not go unnoticed. and it was told to the King of Jericho. Rahab hid the men and fabricated a story to send the King’s men away thus sparing the men and their mission.

Who Looked to the Supreme God

Rahab spoke to the men. She told them of the great fear shaking their land. God was doing awesome deeds to deliver them. “The Lord your God, He is God in heaven above and on earth beneath,” she said. Then she negotiated an agreement to spare the lives of her family. The spies gave Rahab clear and strict directions, including the detail of hanging a red cord from her window.

Great Deliverance

Following Rahab’s instructions, the spies left and delivered the news. Take the land. The people are fainthearted. God then led them into a mighty victory and Rahab and her family were rescued along with all she had. The scripture states that she still lived among the Israelites because of her deeds. God rewarded her faith not only by offering protection in this life, but He gave her purpose and eternal deliverance through her line. He brought forth Jesus, the deliverer, the One who became flesh and blood so that by His death, the power of the devil, who held the power of death, was broken. Now He sets free those who are enslaved by the fear of dying.

There is the story. Rahab, a woman of bad reputation, who looked to the true God, reaped the rewards, and through whom, mankind received the great Deliverer.

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