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by Esther Griggs

It was a good hit: hard, with direction and distance. Off she was in a shot to 1st base while the outfielders scrambled after the ball. I could see her delight as the fans cheered. Then she reached 2nd base. I saw her do a little dance. She was feeling good!

“Pay attention.” her coach yells, Don’t get too excited yet, hitting the ball is only one part, stay in the game, watch what is going on, be ready to run.

There’s so much to consider in softball: the pitch, the hit, whether it gets caught or not, where your teammates are, if you can sneak a base or if the next hit will get you home.

It was a good hit! I wanted to glory with her in it, to enjoy the moment, to let it linger. Success is so hard come by; so fleeting…

No, the game is not over, greater successes lie ahead; more and greater victories, opportunities for bigger and better things. So, my dear grand-daughter stay in the game, await your opportunities, be ready to go, make it home!

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