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Standing Fast

by Esther Griggs

Paul loves the Philippians.  He longs to see them.  However, if he sees them or not, he wants to know they are doing well. 

Are they standing fast?

Are they united in mind and spirit?

Are they striving together?

Is their focus? Are their energies centred on the faith of the good news of Jesus?

Spreading the good news about Jesus is the focus.

Suffering and persecution are not the enemy to getting the word out.  In fact, in Paul’s situation, his imprisonment helped it. Suffering and persecution come along with Jesus.  The world hated Him and it will hate His disciples too.  No. there are deeper enemies to the work of Christ.

Beware discouragement, division, disillusionment;

true enemies. to the good news.

Our power comes from the inner man.

Keep the inner man strong.

Hold to the truths and the promises of God’s Word.

Don’t allow tearing to the fabric of relationships. We need each other.  We are one in Christ. 

Don’t believe the deception of how things may appear; trust God’s all knowing presence.

Discouragement, division, disillusionment destroy the work of God.  They destroy us. 

Beware! Do not allow!


Stand fast! Be ONE in spirit and mind! Strive Together!

Focus on Jesus!


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