by Esther Griggs

Reading chapters like Nehemiah chapter 3 can be tedious. One may wonder the value of all those difficult to read names with “next to him”, or “after him” so many times in one place.

Nehemiah was one man. Jerusalem had been ravaged by war. The walls and gates of the great city lay in mountains of charred rubble leaving it vulnerable. Such a tremendous undertaking needed many people. Some built, some repaired, some laid beams and hung doors with bolts and bars. Nehemiah knew the value of those people and recorded their contributions.

From Moses to Jesus, to the apostles and the early church, God raised people to help in His work. Too much rides on a strong group of people, working together, in the building of God’s kingdom to even think one could do it alone. Each individual gift united with the others gets the job done. Each and every name is valuable. Each has a position and a part to play. Someday God will open His books and the angels will read out names, some strange, some familiar, some well known, some unknown. His work will have been accomplished by a great team.

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