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After the Crowds

by Esther Griggs

After the staring, gawking crowd had left to prepare for the celebration of Passover, there was still unfinished business. God already worked it out and revealed to Isaiah that though He died with the wicked, He would be with the rich in His death. A man named Joseph and a man named Nicodemus cared for the lifeless body of Jesus of Nazareth.

“There they laid Jesus.”

Joseph of Arimathea

The scriptures tell us Joseph was a rich man. He came from Arimathea which was a city of Jews. We also learn that he was a prominent council member who was waiting for the Kingdom of God. Luke tells us he was a good and just man who had not consented to the counsel or the deed. He was also a secret disciple. The Jews had much power over who could attend the synagogue. He understood the synagogue as a place of worship, and did not want to be put out. He overcame his fear. Mark writes that he took courage and asked Pilate.


Nicodemus was also a secret disciple. We read about him in John 3, the man who came to Jesus by night. Matthew, Mark and Luke do not mention Nicodemus but John does. He writes that this man brought about 100 pounds of spices, a mixture of myrrh and aloes. John states how these two men took the body of Jesus.

The Lifeless Body of Jesus

Pilate was surprised when he heard Jesus was already dead. Once confirmed, he gave the body to Joseph. Joseph and Nicodemus took such care of the lifeless body of Jesus. As Jewish men they knew the rituals of Jewish burial and the importance of its burial because of preparation day. I imagine them tenderly binding it with strips of linen along with the spices, carefully laying His body in a new tomb then placing the stone in front of it. It wasn’t the disciples, it was two men away from the crowd, with hearts open to God, while the women looked on.

A man named Joseph and a man named Nicodemus cared for the lifeless body of Jesus of Nazareth.

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