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Think on These

by Esther Griggs

Thoughts are sneaky things. They pop up and attach to strands of existing thought patterns. We think because a thought comes through the door of our mind; it is our own. We welcome it in, treat it as our own until we find ourselves discontent, worried, or worse with our peace and joy dissolved.

As Christians the Holy Spirit alerts us to evil thoughts and destructive ways of thinking. If we open ourselves to the Spirit and keep our mind on God, we learn to recognize those pesky pop-ups for what they are. Paul instructs the Philippians how to think.

“Whatever things are true

whatever things are noble

whatever things are just

whatever things are pure

whatever things are lovely

whatever things are of good report

it there be any virtue

and it there is anything praiseworthy

meditate on these things.”

When we read God’s word, meditate on it and commit it to memory, we build a fortress around our mind. When we like Paul instructs, watch what we spend our time thinking about, and take it all to God in prayer, His peace which passes all understanding will guard our hearts. The God of peace will be with us. How awesome is that!

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