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Royal Encounters

by Esther Griggs

(Genesis 14:16-24)

Abram returned from battle with Lot, his people, and all their possessions. On the way he encountered two kings. These two encounters had not only earthly ramifications, but reached into the future with eternal truths. Today, we consider his meeting with the King of Sodom, the King of Salem, and his response to each one.

King of Sodom

The King of Sodom, one of those who fled to the asphalt pits, came to meet Abram. His interest was in Lot and his family. He wanted the people, and didn’t care about the goods.

King of Salem

Melchizedek, the King of Salem also came to meet him. He was a priest of the Most High God. He brought bread and wine, with blessings. He blessed Abram knowing he was of God. Then he blessed God who delivered Abram’s enemies into his hand.

Abram’s Response

Abram responded by paying ten percent of all he had to Melchizedek. But to the King of Sodom, he refused, before God, to take anything by which this King could claim a hand in making Abram a rich man. This interaction with the King of Salem paved the way for an understanding of Jesus as our High Priest, apart from the law of Moses, one without beginning or end as expressed in Hebrews 7. He is the great eternal Saviour who daily loads us with benefits, who lives to intercede for us, in the order of Melchizedek. This meeting with the King of Sodom, the King of Salem, and his response to each one had eternal ramifications.

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