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Black History

by Esther Griggs

I want to honour my brothers and sisters of African descent. In order to do so I have been listening to some old “Negro Spirituals”. The first day as I read some musical history and listened to some of the songs, the melancholy of the music, and knowing some of the history, evoked feelings of sadness in me. In a culture where mental health is in the fore front of media’s thinking, I want to say that there is a time to mourn. I felt I needed to mourn before God in my prayers, for not only what happened to these dear folk, but in all the places where oppression’s weight bears down on human kind. God himself as the man Jesus wept. He does not look on oppression lightly. In it he offers redemption and restoration and through us, he can make change.

These precious songs that come from this dark and heavy time remind me of diamonds. The treasure of diamonds are a result of extreme heat and pressure as are these songs deep from the burdened souls of our dear ancestors. Listen to some of these songs, hear the strength and hope that come from them and give thanks to God for the precious family of mankind and then take up courage, on behalf of all, who are oppressed.

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