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From Darkness to Light Nicodemus part 3

by Esther Griggs

In Genesis 3 we read how Adam and Eve chose to disobey God. From then on they experienced fear and shame. When they heard God’s voice they wanted to hide. Even little children, aware of doing something wrong close their eyes hoping you won’t see them, to hide what they are up to. And here we have Nicodemus, a religious ruler of the Jews coming to Jesus by cover of night. In his encounter with Jesus he is exposed to truth which illuminates his spiritual darkness. Nicodemus heard Jesus speak of His purpose, of judgement and of the light as Nicodemus comes from darkness to light.

From darkness to Light.

The Purpose of Jesus

Jesus knew His purpose. His supreme desire was to do the will of His Father. Even as He talked to His Father, when the cross lay imminently before Him, He ultimately submitted to God’s will. God loved the world so much He gave His “only begotten Son” so that any who believed in Him would live forever. He did not come as a judge but as a Saviour to rescue all who believed from the wrath of God.


In John 3:18, Jesus clarifies to Nicodemus about condemnation and judgement. If you believe in the Son, there is no judgement. However, without it, judgement is already there. The fact that men love the darkness, prefer to stay in their estrangement, their hiddenness from God puts them in a position of judgement. They would rather stay in the dark, hidden because what they do is evil. We may think I am not a murderer, I am not a thief but at the core do we come to God’s provision of reconciliation or turn away?

From Darkness to Light

“Everyone who practices evil hates the light.” Jesus told Nicodemus. They fear being seen for what really lies beneath the dressed up surface. “But” Jesus goes on. “Those who do the truth come to the light so their deeds will be seen as being done in God.” As we look to Jesus we no longer fear the eye or presence of God. By placing our faith in His cross, all is laid bare before Him and we walk from darkness to light. Faith replaces fear.

Nicodemus may have come to Jesus in the darkness of his understanding, in the cover of night. Whether or not their discussion took them into the light of a new morning, Nicodemus heard Jesus speaks of His purpose, of judgement, and new revelation brought him from darkness to light.

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